We know how to use advanced science to develop the solutions that are good for your business

We operate effectively in the areas of education, business and the labor market. We prepare and conduct research, diagnose their legitimacy and need, we advise how to use the results to create effective solutions. We help to develop new standards and improve the quality of activities undertaken by our clients.


We routinely employ artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in our work. We can support your business with the most sophisticated statistical solutions crafted to address your unique issues and boost company performance.


Randomized Control Trials are the gold standard in medicine. Increasingly used in business to make well-informed marketing and sales decisions. Easy to deploy, cheaper than market surveys, scientific and much more reliable. Try it with us!


We apply hypothetical choices approach (Discrete Choice Experiments) to gain with insights on the preferences and motivation. Thanks to this, we know how to reveal, what really drives the decisions if individuals, and how to influence them.


From literacy and numeracy to short memory skills. For students, candidates and employees. Our online platform can quickly and reliably assess skills that are crucial for the success of you company. We use modern psychometrics, adaptive testing, and multiple item format to provide state-of-the-art assessments (e.g. testlearn.pl).


We support businesses in developing their analytical capacity. We also cooperate with global consulting companies and with governments or international organizations including the OECD, the World Bank or European Commission.


We are proud of our vast experience in conducting national and international workshops and training on and data analysis, impact evaluation methods and evidence based policy. We work both for governments and for the business. We know how to put advanced science in an easy way.